This document is about the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church (NAC)

Special doctrines of the NAC

1) The way:

  1. The NAC is the only congregation which leads to God.
  2. Only in the NAC are all necessary ministries and ministry gifts available.
  3. The NAC is the only church in which the genuine doctrine of Jesus and the apostles is proclaimed.
  4. In the beginning there was only one church, the apostolic church. After the death of the last apostles, no further people could be saved. But since 1830 there has been a new apostolic church (NAC) and thus again the possibility of being saved.
  5. People who did not live in the time of the original apostles could not go to heaven. (This means all who lived before the birth of Jesus, everyone after the death of the apostles, from the apostle John until 1830, e.g., Abraham, Martin Luther ... )
  6. The NAC is the authentic continuation of the church created by Jesus. All other communities were brought into being by humans.
  7. In all other communities (Christian or non-Christian) there is a limited knowledge of God, but it is not enough for salvation.
  8. All other communities only speak of God; however in the NAC God Himself speaks.
  9. Today the receiving of the Holy Ghost is possible only as a result of the Holy Sealing of the NAC.
  10. Forgiveness of sins is possible only in the NAC.


2) The Bible:

  1. The Bible is the basis of the doctrine of the NAC.
  2. The Bible clearly shows that the NAC is the authentic and only church of God.
  3. The apocrypha belongs in the Biblical text; also the books Esra III and Esra IV among other things.
  4. Faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and the word in the Bible, as well as in a life hereafter is not sufficient. Without faith also in the Apostles of the NAC redemption is not attainable.
  5. The Bible is not the word of God for today. The correct interpretation of the Bible is only possible by the Apostles of the NAC. Without the " making alive " of the words of the Bible by the Apostles of the NAC, they are only dead letters. The alive, fresh word of God is the proclamation by the Apostles of the NAC.
  6. The Apostles of the NAC can announce new, binding teachings or revelations. Thus, the contents of the Bible are not sufficient on their own.
  7. If the Bible states something different from the teaching of the NAC, it is the teaching of the Apostles of the NAC that is valid for our time. God has extended or modified the Biblical teaching, e.g. His plan.

3) Apostles today:

  1. The Chief Apostle has the same functions and authority as the first Chief Apostle (Peter).
  2. The Apostles of the NAC have the same functions and authority as the first Apostles under Jesus.

4) Co-worker / Administration Brothers / Ministries:

  1. A ministry position in the NAC cannot be achieved by study.
  2. The Apostles will be told by God who the right new Co-workers are.
  3. Most ministry is unpaid. Only from a bishop up is payment possible. Apostles get a large salary (amount is a secret) and expenses.
  4. Co-workers are always male.
  5. No congregation of the NAC is independent of the Chief Apostle.
  6. All decisions, e.g. service times, song books, activities etc. are made by the central body.
  7. Co-workers have to make reports for their superiors about the conduct of services, youth hours, house attendance and outsiders.
  8. Only through a Co-worker's connection to his higher Co-worker is he connected to God. An Apostle who does not follow the teaching of the Chief Apostle is no longer considered an apostle.
  9. There is no discussion about doctrinal uncertainties, but the next higher Co-worker makes a decision.
  10. The probability of prayer being answered increases with the level of ministry. I.e. a normal member would have an Apostle pray for him.
  11. Many of the male, married members under the age of 60 are Co-workers. I.e. in addition to the services there is practical work each day (except Saturday, in some regions except Saturday and Friday) for the NAC. There are many Co-workers at different hierarchic levels.

5) Members:

  1. Jesus leads by the NAC to redemption, if members fulfil the following conditions:

    -Baptism (only NAC baptism, or  NAC-acknowledged baptism is valid)
    -Sealing (giving the Holy Ghost by a living Apostle of the NAC)
    -Regular, worthy, conscious participation in the communion celebration for forgiveness of sins
    -Faith in the Apostles of the NAC as envoys of God and observance of their teachings, which is 'Jesus' doctrine for today'. Thus the will of God and Jesus is obeyed.
  2. Faithful members of the NAC ask advice before all important decisions, e.g. job changes, engagement, marriage or residence change.
  3. All members are visited regularly at home. The next higher Co-worker is told all necessary information.
  4. The ideal NAC member believes everything that a Co-worker on behalf of God says unchecked, without necessarily understanding or having only limited understanding, and without question.
  5. It is recommended that members give 10% of their income as a donation to the NAC (no report is given to the members about how funds are used)



6) Services:

  1. God speaks directly only to the Chief Apostle. The Apostles "connect" themselves with the Chief Apostle. A priest cannot preach without "connection" with his Apostle.
  2. Preaching in the NAC comes not from the human spirit of the priests, but from the Holy Ghost. Preaching is impromptu, without preparation or notes, and is not memorised. It is exactly suited to the present members and is 'the word of God for our days'. Faith comes from this preaching.
  3. For all preaching there are printed 'basic ideas' or verbal arrangements with the next higher ranking person.
  4. For services a fixed dress code is prescribed (there may be regional variations)


7) Dead cult:

  1. At death only people's bodies die; their spirits and souls continue to live in a place which corresponds to life here on earth.
  2. Even after death people can be saved. Deceased Co-workers and members of the NAC work in the place of the dead ones.
  3. The deceased must fulfil the same conditions as living members of the NAC. They also need to believe in the Apostles of the NAC and to receive baptism, holy sealing and communion. From time to time Chief Apostle unlocks the place of the dead ones. Deceased Apostles can only talk to the dead ones; 'saving' has to be done on earth by living Apostles.
  4. Deceased members of the NAC participate in services. They take part in the communion all over the world every Sunday.


8) Relationship with  the World:

  1. The world is a " misery valley ".
  2. The world is bad and dangerous.

9) Criticism ability / co-operation:

  1. If revelations or promises of Co-workers of the NAC are not fulfilled, either they understood God incorrectly or God modified His will. The word of a Co-worker, connected with his Apostle, spoken on behalf of God, is always correct and the Word of God
  2. Members of the NAC should not attend services of other churches. No writings which are directed against the NAC should be read. Writings given to members are to be given to the responsible Co-worker. All types of religious or philosophical books are to be avoided.
  3. There should be no criticism of the doctrine of the NAC either in private or in NAC meetings. If a Co-worker obviously behaves falsely, then this is to be reported to the next higher ranking person.
  4. In intellectual or theological areas the NAC co-operates with no other church.
  5. Modifications in the doctrine of the NAC do not mean that in former times something false was taught, but the Holy Ghost has revealed " new secrets ".

10) Culture / literature:

  1. For religious music only classical hymns and some 'German pop songs of the 19. Century' are used.
  2. Contemporary compositions are to sound similar to these.
  3. There is almost no theological literature of the NAC.
  4. There are no NAC books about daily life issues.
  5. There are many picture books showing the Apostles and their journeys. It is recommended that pictures of the Chief Apostle and the Apostles be put up in member's houses.